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Laptev Viacheslav

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   The plant has got the structure of machine-building plant. At present the plant fabricates open mills and calanders with roll length up to 1250 mm, rubber mixers volume up to 40 liters , mixers volume up to 200 liters, duplex & triplex heads,  machines and lines for manufacturing protector tyres  , machines and lines for manufacturing tight layer tyres, equipment for manufacture of rubber footwear, galoshes, tablet compressing rotor and hydraulic machines  up to 1000 kN (100tn) , laboratory equipment & testing machine for rubber and plastics .

Equipment (english)

Keywords: Rubber processing mill, Laboratory roll-mixing mill, Open mill, Rubber processing rolls, Rifiner, Line for blanks of side walls of heavy duty tyres and treads up to 1000 mm. Index 552.031, Line for manufacturing a tight layer tyre. Index 552.031, diagonal cuting  machine, centering device, 4 roll calender, installation of imposing of tapes, duplex, triplex, mixer, batch mixer, Extruder, Rubber Grinding Extruder Installation  Index 514.431, tablet compressing machine, rotary tabletting machine, tabletting line, Two-Roll Rubber Processing Calender , Four-Roll Rubber , Processing Calender, Five-Roll Rubber Processing CalenderSingle Roller Die Extruder, Bale strip cutter, cutting machine, Planet cutting machine, Multi-blade Slitter, Horizontal Cutting Machine, Flower Basket Tablet Press, Single Punch Tablet Press, Rotary Tablet Press, Braiding Machine, Tensile Strength TesterSimple-Beam Impact Tester, CARBON BLACK DISPERSION TESTER, RESILIENCE ELASTICITY TESTER  DIN53512, IS04662 ,DIN 53573, Plastic Pipe Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine, Dumbbell Sample Making Machine, Aging Oven, Common V-Belt Fatigue Tester, MOONEY VISCOMETER (MV) ASTM-D1646, ISO-289, JIS-K6300, GB-T1232.1, GB-T1233, CUTTER PRESS UL-1581.ASTM-D412AUTO-PNEUMATIC CUTTER PRESS ASTM-D412, Automatic Rubber Cutting Machine, Automatic Oil Seal Trimming Machine, FOAM RUBBER RECIPROCATING COMPRESSION TESTER ISO-7214, JIS-K6767, FLEXOMETER GB 1687, HG/T2070, ISO-4663, ASTM-D62, THICKNESS GAUGE, Drop Weight Impact Tester, PARALLEL PLATE PLASTOMETER   ASTM-D926, ISO-7323, GB/T 12828, Rubber Vertical Fatigue Cracking Testing Machine, Rubber Low Temperature Brittleness Tester, AKRON ABRASION TESTER, DIN Abrasion Tester
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Mobile:+7 921 903-30-25
Laptev Viacheslav
General director
Address: Ozerkovsky prospekt, 38 Lit.A
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA, 197375-RU